Lithophane in frame with LED

Lithophane in frame with LED


Personalized 3D Printed Lithophane from your photo (Frame and LED lights included).


Personalized 3D Printed Lithophane in frame with LED

Order a custom 3D printed Lithophane from your Photo

A lithophane is an artwork that can only be seen clearly when back lit with a light source. This 3D printed lithophane is framed and can be easily removed from the frame and replaced with another lithophan made from another photo. Thus, one frame can be used for several different lithophanes (see item 3D Printed Lithophane).

The item comes with 2.7W LED lights powered with 8 x AA batteries (batteris are not included). The 3D printed lithophane is 21cm long and 13.5cm high.

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  • 3D printed lithophane from your photo
  • Frame for the lithophane
  • Stand for the frame
  • LED lights with casing and battery stand
  • Batteries are not included

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Weight 0.8 kg

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